QB Sensor

IMO's range of QB Photo-electric sensors have been designed with a common body style for easier mounting. This miniature block sensor with diffuse, background suppression, retro reflective or through-beam capability is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications where space is at a premium.

Sealed to IP67, enabling use in wash-down and harsh environments. Contrast and measurement versions are designed to meet print, pack, and position requirements. The QB series has a miniature body with dual fixing holes, and therefore improves space and wire orientation in conveyor applications. Short circuit and polarity protection eliminates risk of product damage.

The QB series includes a digital and remote teach adjustment and a fast output response for high-speed automated systems. The series also comes with clear object and LASER versions for precise position detection, which means that this series offers a complete sensing solution for any user.

With models to suit the most demanding of applications in print, pack and assembly environments the QB series is built to match the requirements of both high volume OEM and demanding end user applications.

Features include:

• Competitively priced.
• Thru Beam.
• Diffuse (with Background Suppression).
• Reflective photo-electric sensors.
• Simple push to teach with a variety of light sources to meet your demands (Laser, Infra-Red, Visible Red).
• Light ON/Dark ON selectable.
• 3 Year warranty.

Specification common to all models

Operating voltage

10-30Vdc (QBR3 15-30Vdc)

Load current

100mA (not emitters)

Leakage current

< 10mA at Vmax (not emitters)

Switching Frequency


Sensitivity adjustment

Push button and
External connection

Red Light Emission

660 Nm, Pulsed

Infrared Emission

880 Nm, Pulse

Laser Emission

650 Nm, Class II

Current consumption

See Model tables


Yellow LED (Output),
Green LED (signal strength)

Supply electrical

650 Polarity reversal and
transient Uimp = 500V

Output electrical

Short circuit (auto-reset)
and over-voltage


650 IP67 (EN60529)

Housing material


Storage temperature

-20° to 80°C

Operating temperature

-20° to 60°C


40g (approx)