FireRaptor - Solar Panel Rapid Shutdown Solution


Introducing the IMO FireRaptor - the ultimate solar panel rapid shutdown solution - developed and designed with Fire Safety prominently in mind.

Solar panels produce DC electricity, unlike AC supply which passes through 0V at least 50 times per second and has a pulsating characteristic, DC supply is constant in its effect. Combine this with the fact that the absolute current value often used in solar installations is much higher than typical consumer AC supply, and it is not difficult to understand what makes solar installations a potential source of grave danger to Fire Fighters around the world.

In cases of fire in buildings with solar installations present, the panels continue to produce energy as long as there is daylight present, so it is critical that the live DC wiring in and around the building is isolated as close to the panels as possible. The FireRaptor isolates the DC wiring directly behind the panels.

Each FireRaptor operates two solar panels and is positioned behind the panels and attached to the panel mounting frame. The FireRaptor is rated at 700W, so is suitable for most types of solar panel currently available on the market.

IMO FireRaptors are connected in series using plug-and-play connectors and the signal cable is then taken to the Emergency Switch, which can be situated anywhere inside or outside the building. As soon as the Emergency Switch is activated, the FireRaptor "shuts-down" the solar panels by isolating all the DC cabling in the building right back to the rear of the panel installation. In a larger, multi-storey building, a number of Emergency Switch units can be located in multiple zones around the building, or on different floors as required.

Automatic Shutdown

The FireRaptor is not only operated manually, but also offers two different types of automation shutdown:

  • Automatic Emergency Temperature Shutdown, whereby the temperature monitor onboard the FireRaptor will automatically shut down the panels if the temperature in the area exceeds 85°C.
  • Automatic Emergency Power Loss Shutdown, whereby the removal of the AC mains supply to the Emergency Switch will cause the FireRaptor to automatically shut down the panels. A great feature for Fire Fighters where building AC mains disconnection is standard practice upon arrival to a fire related emergency.

Now available with hardwire or remote alarm signalling

The Emergency Switch is supplied with the power supply built-in and is available in both standard emergency push-button or key-operated format, and now features an optional fire monitoring and integration functionality which enable either hardwire or mobile communication alarm signalling.

Approvals & Warranty

As its functionality is completely independent, the FireRaptor is compatible with any string inverter and is compliant with the US NEC2017 FireRaptor is also carries cULus and FCC approval. Additionally, it is supplied with IMO’s unique 20 year manufacturer warranty.

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