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Case Study: PLC Technical Training Course

Located in Mierlo (just outside Eindhoven, Netherlands), Intecno Industrial Automation has been a partner of IMO Precision Controls for many years. Intecno owner John Triki created his company back in 2004, focusing on supplying Industrial Automation products to the Dutch marketplace, specialising in the sale and support of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Bus Systems, Frequency and Direct Current Controls. Passionate about the industry and driven to help the engineers of tomorrow, Intecno have become involved in the creation of learning resources for students at the ROVC Technical College, which has the largest range of technical courses available in the Netherlands.

One such learning resource is the PLC - Basic Structured Text training course. This 4 day training course, produced and delivered by Intecno, will enable students to read, understand, modify and write structured text programs for Programmable Logic Controllers, and is ideal for students who have completed the introductory PLC System examination programme. The training course commences with a brief overview of how to connect a PLC, as well as explaining the IEC-6-1131-3 programming languages such as Instruction List (IL), Ladder Diagram (LD) and Function Block Diagram (FBD) and a number of simple Structured Text instructions including basic and conditional statements, before moving on to functions and function blocks.

As well as all of the theory, the course is also packed with practical assignments, and provides students with the necessary i3Config programming software from IMO Precision Controls, free of charge. i3Config software provides the option to convert programs from and to Structured Text, as well as configuring any of the IMO i3 Intelligent Control Stations used on the training courses. Using their knowledge and experience in the industry, Intecno have created a number of training sets that include an IMO i3 (i3A, i3ALite, i3B or i3CLite), PSU (power supply unit), LEDs, Pushbuttons and a Potentiometer, as well as a simulation box housing an IMO iSmart programmable relay and additional LEDs.

The PLC - Basic Structured Text training course is currently available here and is delivered at ROVC TechCenter Ede and ROVC TechCenter Helmond.

”Intecno has been supplying IMO products to our customers for many years, as well as providing technical support. We wanted to give back to the industry that provides us with a living by sharing our knowledge and expertise through providing technical training to up-and-coming engineers. Our close relationship with IMO has given us access to all of the industrial automation products needed to deliver this PLC training course successfully.”
John Triki, Intecno Industrial Automation

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