Case Study: Motor Generator Set Solution

The customer - Liberty Specialty Steels - were looking for an energy saving solution that removed the need for a motor generator base load to supply some high frequency hand held grinders. The project concept had previously been specified utilising a different 14kW inverter drive to power a 1.5kW appliance, however it suffered a catastrophic failure twice, so the project reverted back to the initial design concept. The original drive supplied multiple sockets and operations, and assured the customer that only one grinder would be operational any any one time. The customer looked at a solution which utilised one drive to supply one socket that would supply one grinder with power in order to stop multiple units being operated from a single drive.

After a very successful testing visit to IMO’s old headquarters in London, the correct drive settings and inline reactor (used to smooth the wave forms for the RCD, lying in-between the drive and the hand held appliance, for personal protection to the operator) were identified, and the solution was trialled throughout the business, over multiple sites and with very little drive settings and supply modifications. With ease, multiple size tools that require specific voltages and frequencies were operational.

The drive solution was further developed to incorporate HAVS monitoring at minimal cost as a result of discussing the concept with the relevant health and safety personnel. The result being improved recording and personal protection of the operators throughout the site. The high frequency generation set has been in use in the Bright Bar Rotherham (BBR) department with local engineers being very impressed with its reliability and use-ability.

"I’m very impressed with the IMO company striving to get to the correct end result even if it takes longer than it should have with the additional development and incorporating multi skills technicians. I would recommend IMO products and services to any skilled or non-skilled business person who has an engineering problem, I know that they have a very broad range of working contacts and background knowledge"
Energy Saving Engineer, Liberty Specialist Steels

1 year ago

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